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Close is the best CRM for small business leaders who need to increase revenue. If you’re a tech-enabled team who needs to scale without overpaying for enterprise sales software, you’ve found the right sales tool.

Close lets you email, call, and text your leads — all without add-ons.

From first touch to last, you’ll never miss a beat.

Why sales leaders love Close.

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Mike Corradini
CEO & Co-Founder at IdeaPros

Changing our CRM platform to Close is one of the best decisions we have made. The platform does everything we need, and the support is simply outstanding.

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Keagan Wernicke
CMO at Newchip Accelerator

By making a few workflow changes and moving to Close for our outreach team, we increased our output 3x.

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Matt Young
CMO at Underground Ecom

We were actually looking to hire a second C-level assistant. But now, with Close, we don’t need to do that. The ROI clearly outstrips the cost of Close.

What types of businesses use Close?

Anyone can use our CRM and sales tools. But these types of companies especially love selling with Close.

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