Introducing Predictive Dialing and Email Sequences

Outreach automation for salespeople.

Smooth sales, step by step

Automate your outreach with these powerful, easy-to-use sales tools.

Create a Smart View
Upload a CSV, import from another CRM, or use a Zapier integration. Filter lead your list based on specific criteria and save a Smart View.
Call using the Built-in Predictive Dialer
The predictive dialer calls leads simultaneously and connects you with the ones that respond. Have team mates join the dialer session to quickly knock out lead lists in a fraction of the normal time.
Automate Follow-ups With Email Sequences
Use a secondary Smart View for those you couldn't reach. With automated sequences, you can send them a series of emails, over days or weeks, designed to follow-up and encourage engagement.

The CRM with everything built-in

No Third-Party Costs

Predictive dialing, email sequences, bulk email, and call automation are all built into our plans.

No Complex Integrations

No third-party add-ons requiring additional costs, integrations, and ongoing maintenance.

One Support Team

Deal with one rep for all your sales automation tools: calling, emailing, and workflows.

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