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The Sequences on Close have been invaluable. They have enabled us to streamline and more efficiently manage our work flows, and have personally allowed me to improve my productivity by at least 50%.
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Conal Maguire,
 Head of Business Operations at TalentPool

Close more deals with the industry’s best remote sales platform.

Why use Sequences? Next-level automation increases your revenue — with less effort.

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Follow your winning formula

Sequences ensure your whole team has a winning baseline for their email, call, and SMS outreach and warm up. As your reps build experience, they can clone and edit proven templates to grow their sales skills.

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Increase your reach and win rates

You’ll save hours each week by automating your workflow. Sequences help you reach more qualified leads and have warmer first conversations.

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Better customer engagement

A game-changer for engaging cold leads, Sequences automate the outreach to help you re-engaged lost opportunities, increase referrals, and grow customer lifetime value.

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